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Alibaba.com offers 237 sludge agitator products. About 37% of these are mixing equipment, 9% are water treatment. A wide variety of sludge agitator options are available to you, such as agitator, paddle.

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Manufacturer of mixers for use in applications such as mixing sludge in waste treatment and mixing resin. Specifications include up to 30 hp power rating, 1 to 400 rpm speed range, and up to 86,000 gpm pumping rates. Features high-efficiency helical gears, sport oversized bearings, hydrofoil impeller, and baseplate or flange mounting options.

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Slurry tank Sodimate engineers custom mixing tanks for various slurry solutions ranging from 2% to 30%. Typical slurry solutions include calcium (hydrated lime or quicklime), powdered activated carbon (PAC), sodium bicarbonate (soda ash), potassium permanganate and clay.

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the slurry and thus subject to wear by the slurry's solid particles. Important factors for slurry pumps such as cooling, seals and especially the hydraulic design, are described in this chapter. flygt 5150-series submersible pump equipped with agitator Stand impeller motor Cooling jacket Strainer inspection chamber Agitator Seal

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Water / Wastewater Water / Wastewater Water Treatment. Municipal water treatment facilities utilize continuous mixing to process drinking water for municipalities. There are a variety of drinking water sources and therefore different processing steps for the water. ... Chlorine Mixers; Lime Slurry . WasteWater Treatment. Municipal waste water ...

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The current sludge mixer has evolved over the years as a result of WesTech striving to meet and exceed our customers' needs. WesTech ExtremeDuty™ Sludge Mixers provide vigorous mixing of digester contents to prevent stratification and improve the anaerobic digestion process.

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Jul 02, 2013· MAJOR's two models of slurry agitator pumps are fully galvanized. They can chop and stir solid and liquid slurry with ease. Use this link for full product ...


Sewage Sludge Digester Agitators by AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik . AAT vertical shaft agitators for new or refurbished sewage sludge digesters. Each agitator is manufactured to suit the specific project requirements.

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Pulsair's has the best sludge mixing solution to keep all types sludge mixing applications uniformly mixed and agitated. The Pulsair mixing process promotes faster mixing using less energy than expensive mechanical mixers, pumps and jet mixers. After the system is installed, there is zero in-tank maintenance associated with Pulsair.

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SLURRY WALL - TRENCH CUTTING Keeping bentonite moving in a safe and reliable way is one of the advantages of a Dredgflow pump. Dredgflow bentonite pumps are designed to work in the most complex construction sites.

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Eliminate mixing issues in your water and wastewater treatment processes by using Dynamix's high-pumping, high-torque industrial mixers. These high efficiency, robust water and wastewater treatment mixers ensure that your product is brought to specification.

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Mixing Equipment ROTAMIX – Tank Mixing Systems Rotamix by Vaughan Company, Inc. is today's most cost effective means of mechanical mixing available for digesters, sludge storage tanks and other high-volume applications.

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The sludge resulting from this process represents the next challenge for the water treatment industry, in particular the minimizing of its volume. This Sludge Dewatering handbook will present the key parameters to take into account in order to optimi-ze sludge treatment with …

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Pump Mixing Systems For sludge tanks and digesters THE ALTERNATIVE TO CONVENTIONAL SUBMERSIBLE & GAS MIXING Hidrostal—Blockage free since 1960 . Advantages of Hidrostal's Externally Mounted Pump Mixing Systems: The mixing energy is …

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Pulsair's Systems proven mixing process is the industries best mixing solution to keep magnesium hydroxide slurries homogeneous and uniformly suspended in storage tanks. Improper mixing (usually top-entry mixers or recirculating pumps) will only push the slurry sideways or down based on the directional flow of the impeller blades.

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Static Sludge Mixer. Sludge Mixer (Non-Plugging / Non-Fouling Very low pressure drop) The KOMAX Hi-Pass™ Sludge Mixer is designed to effectively mix polymer solution into sludge flows prior to dewatering process. Polymer savings in excess of 25% can be achieved. Features of this unit include: MIXING …

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satisfactorily operate the sludge transfer pump and agitator at 1,000 RPM through a P.T.O. drive. The trailer shall be rated for the equipment weight, retractable dead stand, and safety chains. Trailer shall be sized as required for pump, engine and clutch/gear reducer box.

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Dragflow North America offers the toughest Dredges and Heavy Duty Agitator Submersible Slurry Pumps, Dredge Pumps, Sand Pumps, and Sludge Pumps in the Industry, capable of handling sand, gravel, solids and all kinds of sludge in diverse applications related to the dredging, construction, oil and mining industry as well as marine, energy, and industrial sectors.

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An agitator installed in a digestion tank suspends sludge and avoids the formation of a floating film. That film could prevent biogas from rising to the top of the tank. DIGIMIX - Agitator for sludge digestion and sludge methanization. Sludge coming from waste water …

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An agitator is a device or mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring. There are several types of agitation machines, including washing machine agitators (which rotate back and forth) and magnetic agitators (which contain a magnetic bar rotating in a magnetic field).


A floating manure agitator that floats on the surface of a manure lagoon and that may be remotely controlled to agitate manure supernatant into a slurry with sludge settling on the bottom of the lagoon.

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Sodimate's MBV sludge mixer is designed for the mixing of sludge and lime to achieve Class A or Class B stabilized sludge.The dual-shaft compact mixer can easily be adapted to existing or new sludge stabilization processes for water and wastewater treatment plants.

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Water & Wastewater. ... Water & Wastewater. Our in-tank mixing solution for water treatment concentrates on maximizing flow while minimizing energy input in order to optimize the mixing process. ... flocculation, lime softening, or providing sludge mixing in filter backwash tanks, our wastewater mixer systems provide efficient, reliable ...

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One was a tramp, another was a labor agitator, a third was a law- school student, and the remainder was composed of wordy workingmen. View in context And he had been for years a most restless agitator for improvements in telegraphy and the post office.

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Hard metal agitator slurry pumps for the most difficult slurry and sludge pumping applications, including mining, sand and gravel, and more. View Models & Details. KZN-HYD Series. Hydraulic-driven, heavy duty slurry pumps to tackle tough conditions. Intrinsically safe and operates pumps at variable speeds.

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Water / Wastewater Water / Wastewater Water Treatment. Municipal water treatment facilities utilize continuous mixing to process drinking water for municipalities. There are a variety of drinking water sources and therefore different processing steps for the water. ... Chlorine Mixers; Lime Slurry . WasteWater Treatment. Municipal waste water ...

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Agitator pumps deliver kinetic energy (energy of motion) to slurry solids, which surrounds the pump intake, re-suspending them into a fluid state. These solids, which would have been otherwise buried, are pulled into the pump and pushed on through the discharge, keeping the intake clear and free of slurry …

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ROTAMIX OVERVIEW Reliable and Cost Effective. Vaughan's Rotamix® system is the world's most reliable cost effective means of mechanical hydraulic mixing for sludge tanks, digesters and other high-volume applications.

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Sep 14, 2018· Slurry Pumps / Mixers. Slurry Pumps / Mixers. Slurry Pump - Standard Flow. Standard Flow. Slurry Pump - Super Flow. Super Flow. Slurry Pump - Mega Flow. Contact Us. Agitators & Pumps Lawrence's Dairy Supply Inc. Electromix Agitator. To homogenize manure prior to evacuation. Electromix Agitator.

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Anaerobic digestion is highly dependent upon effective sludge mixing. When tank contents are inadequately mixed, stratification occurs and the volume is not properly utilized. Ovivo's Eimix Sludge Mixers are designed to provide powerful mixing without accumulating stringy or fibrous material. In addition, the use of reversing motors enables the mixer to pump sludge with equivalent capacity in ...

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The AAT-Agitator ensures optimal and homgenous digester sludge mixing. Sedimentation and formation of scum layers are prevented. Advantages AAT sewage sludge digestor agitators . Optimal mixing characteristics using minimal electrical power even at high sludge viscosity. Optimal process conditions due to well defined mixing resulting in an even ...

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The Sulzer agitator type Scaba is the best means of preparing polyelectrolytes or lime for this process, with positive displacement, progressing cavity dosing pumps used to transfer the polymers for sludge process handling.

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High capacity, hard metal submersible slurry pumps with agitator is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping. Used in mining & coal mining, mineral processing, sand & gravel, steel production, lime slurry-fly ash, hydraulic fracturing, slurry transport, drilling operations - drilling mud.

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Agitator Slurry Pump. Agitator Slurry Pump is one kind of slurry pump with agitator. The pump has all the advantages of common horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps, durable wear flow parts, suitable structure for working condition, good performance for solid handling, etc.